Roles since 2003

Note: Apart from a school production in about 1975, I made my amateur stage debut in 1976 playing a servant in an open air production The Merry Wives of Windsor at Gawsworth Hall in Cheshire with the Wilmslow Green Room, and have appeared in a variety of productions ever since.  After a break for my MBA course, I returned to acting by joining the Hoddesdon Players, since when the volume of productions in which I’ve added my twopenneth has expanded vastly.  Here is the list, up to date for planned acting and directing roles:

2004 – Hoddesdon Players

2005 – Hoddesdon Players

2006 – Hoddesdon Players 


2008 – Hoddesdon Players 

2009 – Phoenix Theatre Company

2010 – Phoenix Theatre Company



2013 – Phoenix Theatre Company

2014 – year off for good behaviour!

2015 – Kelvedon Players




  • About 4 revues with the Hoddesdon Players – lots of songs, sketches etc.
  • Various Murder Mystery fundraisers held by the Phoenix Theatre Company

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