Saxophone music for kids (June 2010)

I’ve written before about the fact that I was determined my kids would get every chance to play since my parents failed to push me to learn, much to my later regret.  I would learn acoustic guitar now but for the fact that I could never meet my own expectations to play as well as Forcione!  Anyway, I wanted to make sure Lindsey and Adam had every chance, and thankfully they both took it gratefully.  Adam hasn’t taken to guitar but he seems to enjoy playing drums.

I was slightly surprised Lindsey finally selected sax but absolutely delighted.  Not an orchestral instrument but hugely versatile nonetheless, and expressive as any.  You can making it sigh, sing, shout, squeal, whine, whinny, belch, fart, groan, grumble, growl – in fact, it’s a source of incredibly inventive and emotional sounds, and has the distinct advantage over, say, the violin in that even when it’s being played badly it sounds divine!!

She is now playing Alto in the jazz band and Tenor in the wind band.  And she intends to do A-level music along with her sciences and maths, and maybe to play during her ongoing studies.  In fact, sometimes she seems to think that a career in music might be more to her taste than a brilliant scientific future, though her mum rightly says that it would be insecure and not pay as well.  But nice to have options, regardless.  If nothing else, the thought of playing part-time in a jazz band is satisfying!!  Not only that, but her musical studies have broadened her tastes.  She is not simply fixated on indie bands but does appreciate classical and jazz music, shows and opera, pretty much anything.  How good is that?

May both of my kids grasp life with both hands and live it to the full!

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