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Writing for you…

Is there a letter you need to write but don’t know how to write it?  A document that needs to say just what you want it to say, no more and no less?  If so, I’ll do it for you.  Cost depends how long it takes, but the finished article will get the result you’re looking for!  Just ask me…


Please take time to look at the new Reviews section, which will gradually fill with reviews of things I see and do.  Some here are taken from reviews I have written elsewhere.

Update on Catastrophe

“Catastrophe” is the working title of the novel I have been writing, a thriller aimed at youngish teenagers.  It will shortly be heading for the proof reader, first draft having been completed.  In the course of the next week or two I will be publishing a synopsis of the novel, plus snippets to act as a taster.  Feel free to ask me questions about the book.  Enquiries from agents and publishers warmly welcomed!!