Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini headlined Latitude on the Saturday night. At another festival he might have been 3rd or 4th billing but here he stepped up to the plate looking the part, complete with full set, fancy computerised big screen sets, a very fine band and the posturing much loved by his adoring fans.

The thin pouting Scottish-Italian looks like a bequiffed, jaw-jutting would-be matinee idol, though in truth he is a skiffle star at heart, a mutated life form based on Lonnie Donnegan.  His songs have sprouted wings and a multitude of influences, but he sounds much the happiest when belting out crowd-pleasing upbeat skifflish numbers – just don’t ask me to name them – in a growly croon.  Shame about his inter-song banter though – barely audible mumbling into the mike.  Think the man has much to learn about stage presence.

Still, a jolly entertaining set, even if he isn’t a U2, Prince or Mozza!

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