The Negotiator

Short review: 

This movie is called The Negotiator.  Good cop Lieutenant Danny Roman, working in Chicago and top dog as trained hostage negotiator, brings a stand-off to a successful conclusion.  Set up for murder of his partner and embezzlement of police fund, takes hostages at the Department of Internal Affairs, including the smarmy inspector who has it in for him.  Danny knows all the tricks so manages to thwart the tactics of armed squads and FBI officers.  Danny will only talk to colleague Chris Sabian, who helps uncover evidence to exonerate him of all charges by identifying the real informants.  He survives not one but at least two invasions by SWAT assault team (I lost count after that) and escapes to clear his name and call time on the real perpetrators by means of a sneaky trick.   And getting shot by said colleague.  C’est la vie.

Cue many shots (camera, not gun) of hero with grim, murderous expression and fellow-negotiator looking nervous (see pics below.)  Plot overwrought and utterly formulaic but arguably one of the better examples of the breed.  Script stuffed to the brim with jargon from a thousand cop movies before and since.  Were it not for the stars I’d have lost interest long since.  Non-negotiable.

Shorter review:

Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Spacey. Oh, and a young Paul Giametti too. ‘Nuff said.

Shortest review:

Budget $50m.  US box office $44m.

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