Best ever performance in a movie

The following are extracts from two threads requesting contributors to suggest the best ever film performances.  This exercise demonstrates four truths above all:

  1. This is a highly subjective choice.  Opinions differ wildly, and while in my view many of the suggestions are bizarre as they are inaccurate, the views of any other person are no less relevant or true to the people concerned, be they critics or punters.
  2. Opinions change over time, and performances either mature into greatness or diminish into insignificance.
  3. There is a difference between good (as with most of the performances listed) and truly great, memorable performance that stand out in the history of cinematic endeavour.
  4. The proportion of biopic performances within the list is notable.

Natually, there are plenty of lists available online, so look here, here, here and here for a few more opinions – but I stick with my own preferences, in no particular order:


What would be your choice as the greatest performance of any actor in any movie?

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