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Regular readers may remember a blog I once wrote, Death Note, indicating my views on my eventual demise and funeral.  A thought occurred to me this last weekend, namely that I should also publish a list of music I would choose to be played at my humanist funeral, should anyone wish to pick up a few clues along the way.  One thing to note, much to everyone’s relief:  the list does not and would never include My Way!!

Chopin – Waltz Opus 69 no 2


Imagine this being played as a few people come to be seated.  It’s a wonderfully reflective piece of music that sets a nice tone before the real fun begins!

Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel – Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile)


Because the mood has to be upbeat and positive, and this song makes everyone smile 🙂

Sparks – Moon Over Kentucky


Another blast from the past, decidedly quirky and none the worse for that.  Morrissey covered this song, by the way!

Lynyrd Skynard – Free Bird


Got to have something orgasmically rocky somewhere, and this is as good as it gets.

The Who – The Real Me

The Who Performing in Concert

The clue is in the words.

Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks


Well, and have to have this too.  True blues!

The Unwanted – An Phis Fliuch


Rip roaring rolk with funky harmonica, bodhran and slide guitar.  Magical!

Bellowhead – Haul Away


Another foot-tapping folk classic by a glorious band.

The Pogues – Sally Maclennane


The rule is that everybody has to be jigging in the aisles to this song!

Cathy Davey – Holy Moly


Quirky, catchy and strangely wonderful!

Distractions & In The Waiting Line by Zero 7



Both very apt and among the most ravishingly beautiful songs ever written and performed.

Tom Odell – Can’t Pretend


Because it’s an intensely, achingly beautiful song, delicately and poignantly dissecting love in general and how the failures of relationships devastates you. It would not be a true reflection of life unless it included the pain of loss.

Aretha Franklin – Somewhere


Wonderful, inspiring song, great soulful, jazzy performance from the Queen of Soul, and in response to those who think I’m growing soft in my old age this does not mean I’ve started to believe in an afterlife.  That’s fiction, so get used to it!!

Elton John – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me


Almost perfect music for a funeral, quite apart from the fact that I love the song.

Mozart – Requiem Mass, Lachrimosa


I guess you could call this tongue in cheek, since I would not want my funeral to be the “sorrowful day” of the title of the movement.  Far from it, jollity should be everywhere, but it seems a nice touch anyway to include this wonderful piece of music….

David Shire – Theme from The Conversation


…but as the closing piece, how about something haunting and enigmatic to remember me by?

Otherwise, please look at my Desert Island Discs selection and the songs posted on the home page of this site for further clues – but lots of happy dancing music that makes everybody smile, please 🙂

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