The thing about burritos is that this is not just cooking one dish but a whole menu, comprising:

  • Tortilla wraps, which you could make yourself along similar lines to chapatis. though on this occasion I bought
  • Spiced meat or veg filling (in this case chicken with peppers and onions)
  • Guacamole (preferably home-made)
  • Refried beans (ditto)
  • Salsa (ditto)
  • Plus other toppings such as lettuce, grated cheese, sour cream and suchlike.

You can then assemble in whatever proportions you like, this apparently being the Mexican style.  If my memory appears vague, it’s because my last (and only) trip to Mexico was a very long time ago, and the abiding gastronomic memory was that of eating tortilla chips with slices of birds eye chillis, from which it took some time to recover.

However, these days Mexican food is very common, commoditised and commercially marketed, so you could make your burritos from a kit and widely available ingredients.  My approach, as you will gather from the list above, is that it’s more fun, tastier and better to do it all yourself.

Chunky guacamole:

Chopped avocados (I used two), chopped coriander, chopped tomatoes, finely chopped chilli, Maldon smoked sea salt (but you can use your favourite variety), lime juice.  Nothing else!

Hot Salsa

Chopped tomatoes, minced shallot, chopped coriander, chopped chilli with seeds, salt (see above), fresh milled pepper, lime juice.

Chicken marinade

Minced shallot, cumin, ground chilli peppers (I used two, with seeds), chopped garlic, cayenne, oregano, sugar, olive oil, salt (see above), cider vinegar, chilli sauce (optional).  Marinade the chicken for at least 30 minutes and retain the marinade.  Brown the chicken breast strips with onions and peppers.  Add marinade and allow to reduce to nearly dry.

Refried beans

Can of pinto beans or nearest equivalent (unless you have some dried to soak and cook in advance); chopped onion, browned; minced garlic, added towards the end of browning; chilli sauce; cayenne; paprika; chopped coriander; salt & pepper.  Warm through with beans, mash coarsely, adding a little chilli sauce and stock if required.

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