Fillet of pork with ginger, honey and cider

A nice simple dish inspired by the purchase of a reduced pork fillet, enough to feed me and the kids, at less than four quid.

Take a whole fillet of pork and roll in sea salt, cracked black pepper and chopped sage leaves.  In a large pan (eg. a saute pan), heat olive oil til shimmering, then brown rapidly on all sides til the meat is attractively coloured.   To the pan add chopped carrots, onion, mushroom and any other veg you fancy.  Saute for a minute or two, stirring to get even cooking on all sides.

Meanwhile put a jar of honey in boiling water to make sure it is nice and runny.  To the pan, add finely-chopped garlic and either finely chopped root ginger or a couple of spoonfuls of lazy ginger (just don’t tell anyone!)  Having stirred that well into the mixture, add a tablespoon of honey, stir in and add a bottle of cider.

Bring to the boil, then move to a slower temperature.  Leave to simmer away for 30 minutes, then remove the pork to a warm plate to rest.  Put the pan back on high heat and reduce the liquid til it has thickened.  If needs be, add a little thickener and cook through.

Slice the pork into medallions and serve with mash or whatever version of potatoes you fancy.  Add the veg and sauce in an attractive slick to the side!

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