Scallops in cream sauce

A classy but dead simple recipe, but one demanding excellent quality of very fresh ingredients.  I used queen scallops on this occasion, which are button-sized and a contrast to the big, meaty king scallops, though either will do fine – but in either case do not overcook the scallops.

Slice finely some smoked pancetta, or use the ready-cubed variety.  Add to a hot frying pan with some finely sliced shallot and green beans cut to easy eating size.  Season with salt and freshly milled pepper and sauté for a minute or so.  Add the scallops and finely-diced parsley, then toss for a further minute or so until they are lightly coloured.

Add a good slug of white wine and allow to reduce for a minute.  Then add cream (in this case I used double cream, though soured will do just as well.)  Allow to bubble for a minute or so until reduced by half, then serve immediately with pasta, rice or whatever else you fancy.


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