Caramelised onions

These are great with steaks and taste divine.  The only problem is that they take some while to cook and do need a really good heavy-bottomed pan.

Slice a load of onions – they do reduce in cooking, so do lots of them.  Any onions will do, though shallots and big Spanish onions both produce excellent results.  Heat a little olive oil in a heavy cast-iron pan with a tight-fitting lid.  When hot, add the onions, stir well with sea salt and fresh-milled black pepper, then reduce the heat to slow.  Put on the lid and leave to cook, stirring occasionally.  The onions will eventually brown as the natural juices and sugars are released.

Keep cooking for 45-60 mins until they are reduced to a brown sticky oniony mass.  Add a small slug of balsamic vinegar, stir well and cook for a further 1-2 minutes.  Serve with your favourite meat, baked potato or anywhere that a rich oniony flavour is required.

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