Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton

If you’ve ever seen Four in a Bed, you’ll know how B&Bs and hotels are marked in that series.  For no better reason than that it amuses me, I shall apply the same schema to the 3 star Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton. The Royal Albion, as its entry on Britannia Hotels’s website declares…:

…is a Regency Style Hotel built in 1826 which offers a warm and friendly environment in a premier position directly opposite Brighton Pier. So, if you are looking for a seafront hotel in Brighton, you won’t get much closer than this. Facing the sea, it’s right at the heart of the action. Our Brighton hotel is proud of its reputation as a family hotel. It can be tricky to find hotels in Brighton for families, which is why we make sure that everyone feels welcome staying with us. It’s for our hospitality, not to mention our fabulous position, that the Royal Albion Brighton is one of the most popular hotels in Brighton.

Brighton is also notoriously an expensive place to stay, so finding a last minute room for £39, albeit without breakfast (£10.50 extra), is quite a find and pretty darn good value for money, indicative of they’re being under-booked.  So here goes:

How were your hosts at the Royal Albion?

Truth be told, there wasn’t an awful lot of hosting done, though the reception staff were friendly and efficient.  I didn’t see another member of staff, which in a sense is good if things are working so well you don’t need them.  Had I needed them, doubtless they would have been available.

Score: 6/10

How clean was the Royal Albion?

I didn’t spot any cobwebs or obvious dusty corners in my room, stray pubic hairs in the bath or nasty stains anywhere.  Maybe I didn’t go into huge detail, but the cleanliness seemed good.  A few carpets seemed on the threadbare side but I’ve definitely seen worse.

Score: 8/10

How were facilities at the Royal Albion?

A great location, just opposite the pier and with an excellent sea view.  Just a touch of faded grandeur about the place (a bit like me?), but that hint of shabbiness in a seaside hotel is strangely comforting in a way.  I didn’t use many of the facilities, but there seemed to be plenty on offer.  One compact lift for a 5-storey hotel seemed restrictive, but eventually I got to the room.  A lovely big jacuzzi bath was a welcome sight, as were coffee making facilities.

The room itself seemed well-appointed and moderately smart, certainly in-keeping with the 3 star billing, though one of the bedside lamps was unaccountably missing, presumably damaged in action.

Score: 7/10

How did you sleep at the Royal Albion?

Asleep and awake to be honest, but not due to noise or a lousy mattress.  Just how I am these days!

Score: 7/10

How was breakfast at the Royal Albion?

Didn’t eat it, though I suspect for the price it may well have been a buffet-style.  On Trip Advisor, the breakfast reviews were decidedly mixed.   Thing is that you can usually get breakfast at a caff up the road at half the price and usually better than at hotels, so the question is whether you want to be seen in elegant surroundings to eat it, or to be down to earth and without airs or graces.

Score: N/A

Would you stay again at the Royal Albion?

Don’t see why not while it’s relatively cheap, though prices will be much higher at peak season and therefore not the same VFM.  The price parking is also very stiff around those parts, courtesy of the local council – plenty of double yellow lines in evidence.  Much better if you’re travelling without a car.

Response: Yes



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