Memorable foodie nights…

Every now and again I do like to set myself challenges, and this is one such:  Which restaurant night out has been the most memorable, and for what reasons?  Bearing in mind some might have been remembered for reasons other than the food, some particularly for how bad it was, here is a sample – good, bad and indifferent!

The worst ever has to be the night at the Highland Restaurant, Oban – so diabolically awful that we laugh about it now.  I’m probably more withering about chains that aspire to be good but are in fact just chains.

Best service was probably The Ivy, though I am looking forward to trying Le Gavroche someday to compare and contrast.

Best food is more difficult, and not necessarily the most expensive restaurants either.  I have very fond memories of River Cafe and St John, both of which were exquisite, but whether they were the best in food I can’t be sure.  In terms of simple clarity and excellence of seafood, I’ve yet to find anywhere to match The Company Shed, though its lack of refinement would not appeal to all tastes.

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