Les Trois Garçons, Shoreditch

Whether you translate it as “the three boys” or “the three waiters”, Les Trois Garçons is a restaurant I loved and continue to love, though I will admit it is some time since I last went there.  This, therefore, is a relatively short review on the grounds that memories of what I’ve eaten there have faded to reverie, other than duck with roasted shallots, but the menu tells you more.

At the time of my last visit I failed to take any pictures – partly, it has to be said, because on my last visit the weather was diabolical and no taxi driver at Liverpool Street knew where the restaurant was.  Upon arrival we started with hot coffee to warm our chilled bones before chilling into the warm atmosphere of LTG – my third time there, as I recall.  Anyhow, photography was the last thing on my mind, though it was also before I began to write restaurant reviews.  Must go there again when I can next afford it!

The food, being classical French with added flair, is one reason for visiting LTG.  Were I eating there today, I think it would be le carpaccio de chevreuil followed by  l´assiette de porc Landroc de Kilravock Farm, then vanilla crème bruée with honey truffle cake and blood orange sorbet.

The other reason is the ambience, which is in my experience utterly unique but totally welcoming, more so than other top notch French restaurants.  There are a few nods in the furniture and mirrors to the origins of the building, a Victorian pub, but thereafter the decor goes wild.  This, from the LTG website, is how it all began:


Les Trois Garcons is situated in a converted Victorian pub from 1880 in Shoreditch. Hassan, Michel and Stefan acquired the building in 1996 as their home, coming from Malaysia, France and Sweden they find living in a Victorian pub the epitome of Englishness. In 2000 the garcons decided to open the ground floor as a restaurant with the kitchen, chef’s table (a room for up to 10 persons with a one way window overlooking the kitchen) and the wine cellar in the basement. They continue to live on the other 2 floors above. Plans are underway to convert the first floor living room into a bar and reception area for the diners of Les Trois Garcons.

Worth also reporting other reviews, since they attempt descriptions of what is an Aladdin’s cave of treasures and delights.  Some may describe the restaurant as a junk shop, but that in no way does it justice.  See the Gallery for more pictures.


“It’s been nearly a decade since Les Trois Garcons first opened its doors. And during this time, nearly every restaurant in town has paid homage to its exaggerated chic style – some taxidermy here, a bejewelled gee gaw there. But no one has done it with as much verve as the triumvirate behind this ultra-deluxe bistro” – SQUARE MEAL

“Behind the sober facade of a converted East End pub, Les Trois Garcons is a paean to decorative excess. Crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling interspersed with rows of vintage handbags, while stuffed animals perch on the bar or crane from walls, swathed in costume jewellery. Its surreal but harmonious, with mellow wood panelling and dim lighting to offset the flourishes. There’s more to this place than appearances, though. Rich classical French cuisine is tempered with modern British influences and simple but impeccably sourced ingredients…A fiercely popular venue” – TIME OUT

“It’s like walking into a fairy tale when you enter this very quirky East End fixture whose “crazy” decor – from a giraffe’s head to hanging hand bags makes it a great choice for a date” – HARDENS

Be assured that you will be in for an excellent evening with fine food and memorable surroundings, if you go to LTG.  Suffice it to say that this is one restaurant you must visit at least once in a lifetime, but preferably far more often than that!

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