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Picture this:  you know you have to write a really important letter, maybe to a person or a company.  It’s vital that you create the right impression and get the best results, but the words don’t flow and nothing you try ever looks right.

The answer is simple:  entrust the task of crafting an elegant and dignified riposte to a skilled and professional wordsmith with years of relevant experience and a record of getting the best returns.

It might be a complaint after a bad meal, one that ruined what was meant to be a happy and romantic evening with your partner.  Or maybe shoddy service by a supplier left you high and dry and having to foot bills.  Maybe it’s a business letter to forge a new relationship with a client.  Whatever the purpose, I can guarantee the best possible outcome.

All you have to do is mail andyflavoured@mail.com with a brief description and any other relevant documentation (confidentiality assured!)  In 2-3 working days I will return a draft for discussion that can be amended and prepared for presentation.  You receive and print the finished letter, sign and send – and wait for the reply.

Costs depend on the time and complexity, but a simple letter that sets the right tone can be composed for as little as £20 – and you can reap the benefits yourself!



“Andy Millward has written a couple of extremely well composed complaint letters for me which have resulted in positive outcomes. I would recommend his ability in this area to anyone” – Elaine Lawrence, Braintree

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