Scrambled eggs

Funny that scrambled eggs can either be the most wonderful or the most awful of dishes, and that success or failure can be just seconds apart.  For me there are few more depressing sights than a hotel buffet breakfast with a solid lump of scrambles sitting under the infra-red lamps.  Edible scrambled eggs require a little personal attention from someone with a tad of experience, but sadly that is not the way the catering industry now operates – they want to churn out things from a factory that can be reheated.

To redress the balance, here is how I make scrambled eggs with a perfect creamy texture.  They can be served in many different ways, so feel free to experiment.  For example, you could serve simply on hot, buttered toast.  You could add smoked salmon, ham, bacon, chives, parmesan, or whatever ingredients float your boat.  But this is the simplest and best :).

Just two additional notes:

  1. People ask how many eggs to use, to which the answer is that it depends on how hungry you are, how big your eggs are and what else you are serving them with.  My rule of thumb is to use spankingly fresh free range eggs (which come from the flock belonging to my neighbour), allowing 2-3 per person.
  2. I know some people prefer to add water, but for the right creamy texture milk is essential for me.


  • Fresh free-range eggs (see note above)
  • Milk (semi-skimmed is OK but you could try single cream to be truly decadent)
  • Butter (real butter please, nothing else will do!!)
  • Salt & freshly milled pepper
  • Hot buttered toast (cook in advance and leave in a warm environment on plates ready to serve)

Beat the eggs with a dash of milk/cream to taste. Put a smallish non-stick pan on a medium heat.  Getting the temperature right is the key to this dish, so have another ring or hotplate ready at a slow burn too.  When the pan is hot, add butter to sizzle.  Add eggs immediately. Allow to set very slightly for 10-15 seconds, then transfer to the cooler heat, season and stir with a wooden spoon.  Watch like a hawk, since the egg proteins will solidify very suddenly!  When it is still slightly liquid in the centre, take off the heat – the egg will continue to cook and thicken, so don’t overdo this.  Pour on to the toast and serve without delay.  Enjoy!

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